Friday, March 10, 2006

On March 21st Fayette County voters will trickle into the polls to vote for a new County Commissioner. Unfortunately, turnout will be light. If turnout is as expected around 5% of the county's eligible voters will take the ten minutes needed to vote for the next County Commissioner.

Hopefully between now and March 21st people will see the candidates signs and will receive flyers and more voters will become engaged. Hopefully the predictions will be wrong and we will have a strong turnout for this critical election.

This IS an important election. It could be a pivotal point in changing the future of our wonderful county.

Skin color should not be an issue in this election. Prior community and political involvement should be. Knowledge should be. Voting records should be. Values should be.

There is no primary in this election. Everyone, Independent, Democrat and Republican, will walk into the polls and vote for the candidate of their choice. If there is a strong Democratic turnout and a light Republican turnout, one of the two Democratic candidates could win. If the Republican's turn out in force, the choice will be between three so-called Repubican candidates.

Take a few minutes to find out who the candidates are and the issues they believe are important. Find out what their voting record has been (you can call the Republican Party for the three Republican candidates records). Have they attended County Commission meetings? How well versed are they on the issues YOU deem important? Have they been previously involved in their Party's events and meetings? Who are their supporters?

Talk to your friends and see if they have opinions. Read the local papers and visit the candidates websites. Call the Fayette County Republican Party and ask for information on the Republican candidates or call the Democratic Party if you are so inclinded.

Then give ten minutes of your time on March 21st to vote if the future of the county is important to you. Your vote will matter, especially if turnout is light. Elections in this county have been decided by fewer than four voters in recent years. Vote.

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