Friday, October 27, 2006

Not planning to vote?

Can't handle holding your nose and voting for the lesser of two evils? Trying to send a message to those in power? Simply don't care or don't think your vote matters?

The BIGGEST voting block in this county, state and country is the non-voter.

You who stay home are part of the majority. Not silent, though. Most of you are very vocal in your dislike of what goes on at the top. You'e just not willing to do anything other than talk about it to anyone who will listen. It makes for great conversation at a party or at lunch with your friends.

The non-voter allows government to go on as it does. The non-voter is one major root cause of almost every problem we have in this country. The non-voter is too busy to give any input into how their lives will be ruled.

Staying home? Pick the worst candidate who's running, the one you think stinks... you're voting for that person by staying home. Higher taxes not to your liking... oh, well. you voted for them by staying home. Don't like to see what's going on in the county or the country? You caused it when you sat home election after election with the majority of those like you who couldn't take the time to vote.

Instead of complaining, you need to take your rightful ownership of the problems.

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