Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sonny Perdue for President???

I'll have to sit with that one for a while... but talk show host John Konop, host of Control Congress Radio and former Republican candidate for U.S. Congress, certainly has a thought provoking article on the subject. Just thought you might be interested in reading the article and swirling it around in your mind.

President Sonny Perdue?
By John Konop, host of Control Congress Radio and former Republican candidate for U.S. Congress

Clinton, Romney, McCain, Giuliani, Obama, Frist, Gingrich, Gore, Kerry, Rice, Edwards, Pataki, Biden… Like it or not, the 2008 presidential race is officially underway. What's missing is a clear front-runner for the Republican nomination.

Georgia governor Sonny Perdue is, perhaps, the GOP's best hope of maintaining control of the White House.

Republicans are Mad about Spending and Immigration

Perdue balanced the budget in Georgia, which insulates him from the criticisms that face any candidate that comes from our irresponsible, deficit-swelling congress.
Perdue passed the toughest immigration legislation in the country, while Washington did nothing.

Independents are Mad about the Iraq and Trade

Since Perdue wasn't in Washington during the vote to authorize the Iraq war, he can approach it with an open mind and no political baggage.

Regarding trade reform, Perdue can reach out to natural allies like Gingrey, Norwood, Deal, and Westmorland, all of whom have been outspoken about cracking down on Chinese trade abuses (especially regarding child and slave labor).

Perdue was the GOP's Only Bright Light in the Mid-Term Election

With Perdue at the top of the ticket, Georgia Republicans picked up both the Lt. Governor and Sectary of State offices and expanded the Republican majority in the statehouse. Republicans in the rest of the country took a "thumpin."

And there's plenty for the media to like too. Perdue is a veteran, a veterinarian, father of four, foster parent of eight, and was a walk-on quarterback at the University of Georgia. He also has a small role in the upcoming Matthew McConaughey football movie "We Are Marshall".
I challenge anyone looking at the current list of GOP hopefuls to name a stronger candidate than Governor Sonny Perdue.

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