Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Falling on his sword...

I’ve heard a little more about Mr. Bennett’s fiasco with the McDonough city council from some folks in the Henry County area (so far none who are happy with him, but typically people who’re upset are the first to call or write…).

They’ve told me there are some so-called supporters who say he “fell on his sword” for his bosses.

These supporters are saying Bennett didn’t give the City Council the advice he admitted to giving them. He just lied to the media to cover for the guys? Fell on his sword, took the fall, took the blame… lied. Not that they use the word “lied” when they’re attempting to stand up for him.

(I’d have to ask my friends to stop trying to help me if the best they could come up with is that I lied…)

Watch the video (posted below) and see the story for yourself. Do a quick search and see what the newspaper reporter. There ain’t no equivocatin’ on what he admitted to doing folks.

Then he’s quoted in the newspaper as saying he made a mistake in giving the advice... not that he made a mistake in taking the fall.

So, what we have is a choice of how to view Bennett. Either he lied to cover for his bosses, or he missed the class 101 on Georgia’s Sunshine laws at Georgia State University.

Neither scenario gives me any warm and fuzzies about our new attorney.

Lying to cover for your bosses? Not a good move as far as I’m concerned. I rather like a bit of moral backbone in people who’ll be representing this county. If our Commissioners do something wrong I’d prefer an attorney who’d kick their behinds and make ‘em do what was right, and if they refused he’d resign rather than cover for them.

I’d also prefer an attorney who had a bit more experience under his belt. And someone who hadn’t sued the County on multiple occasions to toss out our sign ordinances. And someone without any controversy dogging him.

If you’ve read my previous blogs on Mr. Bennett you know the Commission said he was the “best qualified”. Best qualified in what ways?

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