Thursday, November 08, 2007

Assorted stuff on elections...

I harp on this one every election (other than Presidential), but as always, turn out was poor. So few are involved in shaping the future of the community they chose to call home.

Al Hovey-King won in Fayetteville by six votes. A challenge has been filed.

Eric Dial won in Tyrone. He's being attacked. I would have like to see a more decisive election result (as I'm sure he would). However, the rules in Tyrone are what they are. He won. Give him a chance. Like him or not, the way the political power is now working in Tyrone his vote will not be a swing vote anyway so I'm wondering what's the big deal?

I've known Eric for many years. He's a good guy and he's sharp. He's going to get involved and I think if given a fair chance he'll surprise some who're attacking him right now. I've also known Gordon Shenkle for a long time. I think Gordon would have done a great job, too.

There's a run-off in Peachtree City. December 4th. Bet the turnout on that one is tiny. Run off elections are a bear. It doesn't matter who had the highest number of votes in the main election. In fact, being tops can hurt. I'll write a blog about run-offs sometime just in case there's one or two readers who're interested .

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JPeter said...

Perhaps the poor turnout for local elections is based on the fact that the voters in Fayette County have not given a serious look at the Democratic Party within the county. Locally, we usually dismiss the Democratic Party as "the party of abortion and gay-marriage" and never take the time to see that is not necessarily the case. Besides, using those two issues allows the existing elected officials to dodge real alternatives to local problems. Take a look at the local Dems platform then turnout to vote for REAL citizen's government. Keep the faith