Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cindy Sheehan

This blog doesn't need another title. The name Cindy Sheehan says all that needs to be said. Regardless of whether you love what she's doing or hate what she's doing, she has definitely managed to make herself famous.

I'm not one that loves what she's doing, or even likes what she's doing. I'm sure she'd hit me over the head with a protest sign if I opted to have a verbal exchange with her. I was going to say conversation, but from what I've seen and read civil discourse wouldn't be in the cards given that she and I have opposing views on "her issues".

If you're reading this column chances are you're somewhat knowledgeable about politics. So, I'm sure you're aware she's running against Nancy Pelosi in California. I should probably set up some Google Alerts just to keep up with that one, it has to be interesting.

Well, it seems that Sheehan is going to be at the Rose Bowl Parade protesting in a few days.

That aggravated me. The parade has absolutely nothing to do with the war in Iraq, politics of any sort, George W. Bush, the military or anything remotely connected to any of those issues.

Why ruin a perfectly innocent parade for the kids? for the families? for those who have worked so hard to create the floats? the bands? the schools?

You and I know why. She chose that event simply because it will garner national attention. The stories about the Rose Bowl Parade are going to include her name and some mention of the protest.

I believe in the right to protest. Peacefully and without disruption.

Make your case. Go protest at the local military base. Go stand outside when the President is speaking somewhere.

But don't rain on OUR parade.

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