Friday, December 14, 2007

Quick election reminder

Surprisingly, there are quite a few folks who aren't aware there's a special election this Tuesday (18th). Tells me that not that many are reading the newspapers... or the mail... or listening to phone messages.

Of course, most campaigns typically focus on the "super voters," those who vote in every election. Thus if your voting record is spotty, you might not have gotten a mailer or a phone call. Somehow I'm thinking that at least one of the candidates has the money to target at least the next two lower tiers of voters...

Yes, I'm rambling. I'll try to stop.

On Tuesday you'll have the opportunity to vote for the new State Representative, District 72. If you had a choice between Dan Lakly (recently passed) and Kevin Madden on the last ballot, then you're in the District and should plan to vote on the 18th.

There are four candidates, Heidi Becker Vaisvil (R), Steve Brown (R), Kevin Madden (D), Matt Ramsey (R).

Each has strong views and somewhat differing opinions in areas of importance. Heidi and Matt have websites you can look at to find out more. I'm not sure about Kevin. I sent an email asking for info but haven't heard from him. He's a nice guy, known him for quite some time.

I know all of the candidates. I've made my choice already, hope you've made yours.

Heard that the early voting was exceptionally heavy, which is great! I think everyone was expecting a low turnout because of the holidays. I hope it turns out to be a record-breaker.

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