Monday, January 21, 2008

Quick notes on Republican side...

Duncan Hunter bowed out the other day, haven't even heard it mentioned in the news, but maybe I missed it. I wonder if he's going to endorse anyone? The Ron Paul contingency has asked him to endorse their candidate. I can't see that happening!

Of all the candidates I would think he might be most like Fred Thompson on the issues.

However, it's a sure bet that Thompson will be out of the race fairly soon. Word has it that he's pulled out of the next debate. The only reason to miss a Presidential debate is if you're not going to be running.

Chuck Norris made some comments about John McCain's age at a Mike Huckabee fund raiser. Norris said that each year as President aged them three years. McCain is 72.

McCain came back with a cute quip saying he was going to have his 95-year old mother wash Norris' mouth out with soap.

While I like McCain and think he's up to the challenge, I also think his age is a consideration worth discussing. Being President does age a person more-so than normal. Also, if he's 73 when he takes office, 77 at the end of his first term, would he be able to run for a second term? (I might be off a year on his age in office depending on where his birthday falls.)

That's all for the night. I'm not even sure if I'm stringing sentences together than make sense! Gotta spend more time snoozing!

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