Sunday, January 20, 2008

Scattered thoughts on politics

How do newspapers and other media avoid duplicate headlines?

Have you ever wondered about news headlines? Do the newspapers check to avoid duplicate headlines? Think about the number of newspaper, radio, bloggers, television and other types of reporters following around the presidential candidates.

There are reporters from almost every country in the world following the candidates on their trek around the country for votes.

They all see the same thing, then have to file a story back home wherever that may be. So how do they avoid duplicating headlines? How many ways are there to say "He won, she lost"?

If I really cared enough I'd look into it, maybe do a search on the Internet popping in the title or the question. It's not high on my list of things to do, but I have wondered. Maybe someone out there in the web-world will read this and let me know!

How do the candidates manage to keep up?

I've heard them talking about their schedules. As a media member I get some of their appearance schedules. They are moving 20 hours a day for days on end. They go from campaign event to campaign event, to interview, to bus, to airplane, to event, to shake hands, to eat... and eat and eat and ear... did anyone else noticed that Huckabee looked like he was gaining a few pounds again for a while?

I can't go through the day without at least 5 hours of sleep and I really need more. I can live on the 5 hours a day for a few days, but then I have to sleep long or I start talking gibberish. The candidates have to be on their toes for Letterman, Leno, Fox News, debates and events 24/7. They're all older than I am and they run circles around me.

No wonder they all look ten years older by the time the race is over!

What happens to all the stuff the candidates are given?

I saw a clip of Romney last night holding a big box of Krispy Kreme donuts. He was offering them around to the crowd. Betcha he doesn't eat 'em. I've heard he's rather picky about what he puts in his body. I imagine the candidates are given a ton of things from supporters and they have to find a way to graciously decline the offer or act like they love whatever it is. Some votes are lost by something so simple.

So what happens to all the little knicknacks, food, gifts, Bibles, resumes , and other things that are given to the candidates? Do they offer then to their supporters? Hold a bonfire when the campaign ends without a win? Pack them up and give them to charity?

I have a whole list of things I wonder about when it comes to candidates. Mostly I wonder how truthful they're being, whether they'll be the best person to run our country and who I'll finally end up voting for in February these days.

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