Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thoughts on Huckabee & Obama's win in Iowa

There's a lot of hype about the pair that took Iowa. On the Democratic side Obama was a clear winner, Edwards followed with Clinton in a technical tie in regards to delegates, although she's a percentage point behind Edwards.

On the Republican side it was Huckabee. Then, with a wider margin that most thought there would be between top and second, came Romney. Behind that duo McCain and Thompson are still battling for 3rd place. As I type they're both at 13%.

Iowa is one state. New Hampshire is right around the corner and the outcome there could throw all of tonight's results out the window.

I think it's a little clearer on the Democratic side. There are really only three contenders. Dodd dropped out tonight. Richardson only had 2% of the vote and of course everyone is speculating that he'll follow Dodd's lead and bow out soon. Clinton put on a good face tonight but Obama is gaining steam. I heard the breakdown of the voters earlier. Clinton is pulling the older vote, Obama is grabbing the younger voters. Both had about the same percentage of women who voted, which could be partially due to the Oprah factor. Who knows.

If the outcome stays the same in New Hampshire Obama could take all.

On the Republican side it's still in complete flux.

I really like Huckabee as a person. When he was here late last year I had the opportunity to talk with him, do an interview. I did an short interview with Huckabee after doing one with his wife, Janet. After talking with them we went into a private meeting with maybe 30 or so people. We ate lunch, then Huckabee answered questions and talked with everyone. I wouldn't have a problem if Huckabee won.

There are things I like about all the candidates. There are things I dislike. I'm like many who're watching the race as it develops ---- I couldn't tell you who I'm going to vote for on February 7th (Georgia) yet.

The field will probably be a little narrower, or at least the choices may be a little clearer, by the time we head to the polls next month. There's no telling on the Republican side who will be in the top three at this point.

Giuliani is concentrating on states that won't come into play until later in the process. He's banking on Florida and other states to put him back in contention for the top spot.

Iowa helped McCain. It helped Thompson. Huckabee's win took some of the wind out of Romney's sails. The money Romney spent in Iowa didn't put much of a dent in his pocketbook though. Yes, he spent a lot, but he's got a lot more at his disposal.

If McCain takes New Hampshire or comes in a strong second then it's all topsy-turvy in the race again. If Romney takes a few states, Huckabee takes a few more, Giuliani takes some, Thompson takes some then the Republican nominee could win in a squeaker.

Some say that not having a clear choice on the Republican side shows the party is in trouble, that it shows the weakness of the candidates. I think it shows the strength of the GOP. We have so many good candidates it's difficult to choose.

For political junkies tonight was more exciting than a NASCAR race! The future of our country is up for grabs. There are strong views being espoused on both sides. There are sharp divisions within the two parties.

If you're not registered to vote, it's time. Get involved, start keeping up with the elections. The deadline to register for the Feb. 7th Presidential Primary in Georgia is Monday, January 5th.

I think I'm really tired and I'm heading to bed.... after I take one more look at the latest Iowa numbers.

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