Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tidbits & thoughts...

McCain takes the Florida delegates in a very close race... He is now the delegate leader. However none of the Republican candidates have broken a hundred delegates yet and one of them has to reach 1,191 to become the nominee.

We have a long way to go.

Romney gave a great speech tonight, gracious and motivating. I couldn't see any teleprompters, which means if it truly was off-the-cuff that he's GOOD.

I like him better now that his handlers have him wearing "regular" clothes. Tonight he was wearing the button down white suit shirt, but no tie, open at the collar. Made him look a bit more relaxed and real.

McCain gave a fairly good victory speech, was also gracious.

Giuliani's talk was one of his better ones in my opinion. Word is he'll be out of the race officially tomorrow and that he's going to endorse McCain.

John Edwards has bowed out of two engagements scheduled for Wednesday, one in North Dakota, the other in Alabama.

He will be making a speech of some sort in New Orleans. That's where he announced his candidacy. His handlers say he's not going to be talking about leaving the race. Guess we'll find out tomorrow. As you can see by the delegate count below, he's very light on delegates. Now he could hang in there, gather as many delegates as possible, then bargain at the end table. Maybe he'll try for VP or a cabinet appointment?

Hillary Clinton
John Edwards
Mike Gravel
Barack Obama

Hillary did a smart thing tonight by showing up in Florida. The Democratic party punished Florida for moving their election to an earlier date by taking away all of their delegates. However, over a million Democrats showed up to vote today. Hillary cleaned up, but it won't matter in the coveted delegate count. But, she will still get the super delegates if I understood correctly.

I have to say I find it a bit strange that the party that screams the loudest that every person's vote should count would take away the voice of so many voters. I know that about the only stick the national party held was the delegates, but it still tain't fair to all those voters who want their vote to count. Ah well, can anyone say "hypocrisy"?

Whether voters yell loud enough or sue hard enough to have their votes counted, it's clear Hillary is thinking long-term. By showing up tonight she solidified the support to some degree of those who will vote in November, assuming she's on the ballot.

Plus, she received a lot of free air time, which is very precious.

She has some smart staffers and advisers!

Well, it's getting close to the time my carriage turns back into a pumpkin. Lots to do before the magic hour and thus, I leave you to ponder profound thoughts (you'll note I did not claim to have penned any of my own ;-)

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