Thursday, March 13, 2008

So many thought provoking articles...

Found this site earlier today ( and while I doubt I'm gonna agree with everything, I love the way some of the writers pick apart things. I subscribed via RSS, will be watching and reading. I don't happen to have tons of time to read articles, but I headline hop a wide assortment of opposing and similar news sites each day. Too much to read, too little time to digest! The Internet is overwhelming at times isn't it?

This article caught my attention:

Network News Ratings Tumble Among Viewers Aged 18-34
According to Media Life Magazine, the three big network evening news broadcasts have slipped badly in the key 18 to 34 age bracket. At the same time, though, the Cable news nets have picked up among that same demographic. All three network newscasts have lost numbers since last year, with Katie Couric having the worst slide of the three.

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