Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Just a few random thoughts on Governor Spitzer...

Hillary Clinton must have screamed and banged her head on the wall when the stuff with Spitzer came out. Another Democrat caught in a sex scandal while his woman stands by her man... Of course the jokesters are going to reference Clinton & Monica, again, again and again. Even if they don't, there are those who will tie the two together and bring up images Hillary can't be liking.

On how bad Spitzer's deeds are... Doesn't matter. He broke the law. It's about as simple as it can get. He was a District Attorney sworn to uphold the law, he is a Governor, sworn to uphold and support the law of the land. Hiring and using prostitutes is against the law. Period. It doesn't matter whether someone, anyone, thinks it's a good law, bad law or stupid law. Spitzer put people behind bars for prostitution.

How IS that woman standing by her man? I gotta tell you, my man would probably be holding his conference in front of his new apartment 'cause he wouldn't be living with me after he broke that bit of news. If I heard about it before he told me, by the time he got home locks would be changed and his belongings would be sitting on the curb waiting for him. And I might have even called the press to make sure they caught it on film.

Hate it for the kids. Possibly hate it for his wife. I don't know what kind of marriage arrangement they happen to have. Could be she sent him off to the land of prostitutes years ago and her only beef is that he got caught. Could be she stood by his side in exchange for a bigger settlement. Who knows what their private life is like. However, any which way they made or make their peace, there are three children who are going to be the butt of jokes, who's lives have just been turned upside down. One day their father was the governor of a huge state, the next he's being ridiculed and hounded.

When parents are making horrendous decisions, why don't they ever take their kids into the equation when and if they think about consequences? What selfishness on the part of this man to be willing to subject his family to such humiliation!

Power corrupts. These guys have smoke blown up their behinds from the minute they're elected. Do they sooner or later start to believe they're invincible?

What's with the press coverage? USA Today did a story, talked about all these Democrats who did rotten things like this, not once did they say "Democrat" when referring to the elected officials they names. Until they got to Larry Craig. Then it was "Republican Larry Craig". Hmmm...

That's it for Spitzer for the moment.

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