Saturday, August 16, 2008

Three new local groups of interest

I've recently been made aware of three groups of citizens that are organizing or have organized in the county. All seem to be what I would term as "watch dog" groups.

You may want to bookmark their sites and keep an eye on them to see what happens with the groups. You might be interested in getting involved in one or more, although one is by invitation only so you'll just have to get involved and hope they tap you on the shoulder .

One is the new political action committee, Fayette Citizens for Open Government. The website is

The second is Fayette Firewall. It is a group of bloggers and writers who have started three blogs and a website thus far. It's a closed group, by invitation only. The main website is and there are links to the blogs on the website.

The third is one I heard a short presentation on and will have to get back to you with the exact title. The group is an offshoot from Governor Huckabee's local Presidential campaign committee. They are tasking themselves with endorsing and supporting true conservative candidates. I'm not sure if they will have involvement in reporting on what current elected officials are doing so much as trying to get good candidates to run, endorsing conservatives and supporting their campaigns. It's a group that is not necessarily just focused on Fayette County, although they are forming in this county. They are trying to get similar groups formed across the state (and possibly beyond) in counties to focus on a local politics. I understand they are well networked and I think this group will be one to watch as they already have the groundwork in place.
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Anonymous said...

Janet, come on. Fayette Firewall is an embarrassment. The PAC is Bost's baby (I suspect that the firewall is as well) and both are pushing the same tired old garbage that the voters refused to swallow during the primary season.

I believe, just as you do, that more people should get involved in local politics. We do need watchdog groups and a solid local press. We need to hold our politicians accountable. But, picking fights and making issues out of non-issues is not how it is done.

You recently wrote about the impact the slowing economy is having on local governments. Here's the problem with Fayette: there is no growth. Without constant growth and impact fees, local governments must either raise taxes or cut services. Cutting services will only perpetuate the falling growth rates. You conservatives want your "special Fayette" without taxes or growth. Such a scenario is a complete illusion.