Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Financial Crisis, Politics, and Stuff

I listened to bits and pieces of the debate in D.C. about the so-called Bush bailout today. I listened to some more pundits discussing the merits and /or negatives on the issue. It seems to be boiling down to "we have to do something and this is all we have on the table".

I don't like it. I agree with many others that this is another step in the wrong direction for our country. I haven't a clue what else they could do though. They (whoever 'they' may be) are going to do everything in their power to keep the country rolling.

There's a lot of finger-pointing and backward looking, which is good for future lessons only if we're ever going to go down the same path. We've already made the good and bad decisions, and ignored good and bad suggestions along the way.

Regardless of what we do now, someday some bright minds will look back and see we could have chosen a better path, and they'll use it as part of their election rhetoric if they're running for office and it matters at the time.

Our politicians are being inundated with calls saying NOT to vote yes on the bail out. Newt Gingrich is encouraging John McCain to vote no. Barack Obama has already said he's going to vote yes, but that doesn't mean he'll do it by the time this thing comes up for a vote.

Everyone is grandstanding and it's fairly clear that many of our elected officials are simply trying to make sure they're on the right side with those who will vote them back into office.

If it weren't so difficult at the moment it would almost be funny. Think about it. If those in office vote yes, they're going to be bucking the will of a majority of voters. If they vote no and the economy collapses then they're going to be in even bigger trouble as their constituents will say "why didn't you do something?". They can't win.

It could be even worse if they vote yes and things still fail. Money down the drain.

And what about all these foreign countries that are sorting through the dregs to see what they can pick up? How much more of our country is going to be owned or owed to other countries?

Our politicians have also decided to punt on the issue of drilling saying this issue is too big and they can't deal with it at the moment. Do you really think every minute of their day is caught up with studying the books or trying to figure out how to vote on this issue?

I think they don't want it used as a bargaining tool. Everyone is trying to look the best they possibly can during this difficult time and they all want to come out smelling like... not a rose, but at least not smelling rotten. If drilling is on the table at the same time there will be some humongous deals cut. "We'll vote yes on this aspect if you'll add this to the bailout bill." So they took it off the table.

At least that's my take on it.

Unfortunately that just delays something else of importance that could make us feel better about all that's happening. Maybe they're holding it out as something to make us feel better down the road when things are more bleak? Hope that's not the game plan!

Did anyone notice that oil went up? Gee, you think there's a bit of manipulation going on? Kick 'em while they're down?

OK, 'nuff on this one. They're going to do what they're going to do and we're going to deal with it somehow.

By the way, I heard that McCain's numbers are on the rise again. Wonder what that's about?

Oh, and just another quick aside, has anyone been following Joe Biden's foot-in-mouth troubles? I actually like the guy and kinda feel sorry for him. I definitely wouldn't want him as President though after watching his difficulties with knowing when to speak and what to say. It would give the Saturday Night Live crew something better to joke about than incest though.

(Did anyone hear about the despicable SNL skit where they spoofed about Todd Palin and incest? That is lower than low. Can you imagine the uproar if they'd spoofed Obama or Biden or Hillary on that topic? There is nothing, nothing, funny about incest. )

Guess I've introduced enough subjects in this one blog! If you want to know more go check out http://readmylipsticknetwork.blogspot.com and wander through the listing of member blogs on the side bar. They're covering all the political news in a fun way!

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