Monday, September 01, 2008

Fowler Says God is on Democrat's side because of Hurricane

I'm going to share two videos with you. The first is Former DNC Chairman Don Fowler on a plane talking with someone about Gustav hitting New Orleans during the Republican Convention. The second is cleaned up audio only (there's a lot of airplane noise in the first one, but the first shows him talking, the second is just straight audio). After you watch these, I've commented at the bottom, but I'm sure you don't need my comments to make your own assessment of this:



First, if this was a Republican doing the talking you can bet it would be splashed across every newspaper, be on every news station and the blogs would be on fire.

Second, to have someone making light of something that has already taken lives and is currently causing great damage as I type is not funny. It's horrible.

Third, to think God would kill people just to cause problems at a Republican Convention is ludicrous to say the least.

I don't know what Don Fowler is doing these days, but whatever it is, he needs to face some serious consequences.

On a side note, have you noticed how well all those Republican Governor's are doing with Gustav? These guys are handling things perfectly. Yes, I know we all learned a lot during the last hurricane so all the credit can't go to these guys. But geez the Mayor and former Governor sure didn't show much leadership and judgement when Katrina came through. What a different story it would have been if those two had made just a few different decisions.
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Anonymous said...

Janet, this is the standard right wing tactic of decrying the "liberal media" over "biased coverage." The fact of the matter is that the media is not liberal anymore. It may have been one day, but it is not in the post-9/11 world. Supposed bastions of liberalism such as the New York Times and the Washington Post worked with Bush administration figures to sell the U.S. invasion of Iraq to the general public.

The New York Times later helped the Bush administration by censoring a story on the NSA's domestic warrant-less wiretapping program. USA Today eventually broke the story more than a year after the self-suppressed NY Times article hit the editor's desk.

There is a perceived "liberal bias" in the media because right-wing talking heads have been declaring it so for decades. Say something over and over and over again and eventually people don't question it anymore. I will even admit that it is an excellent political tactic on the part of the most conservative wing of the Republican party. However, independently minded centrists like myself are put off by it (of course, the right wing knows that there aren't all that many like me).

A quick google search of the word "fowler" reveals 146 distinct news stories concerning the off hand sarcastic comment recorded and posted by a fringe neo-con blogger.

Some of the sources, including ABC news and CNN are major national media outlets. Many are big city newspapers.

Some of the reports include Fowler's apology. His excuse: he made a joke in poor taste. He was mocking Jerry Falwell and Pat Buchannon's statements concerning the 9/11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina--both of which were described by Falwell and some right-wing pundits as "vengeance from God for tolerating homosexuals in our culture."

Fowler's comments were in bad taste. Your, "if this was a Republican doing the talking you can bet it would be splashed across every newspaper, be on every news station and the blogs would be on fire" statement does not hold water. This Fowler non-story is all over the news and the blogs.