Saturday, September 20, 2008

More on Down Syndrome, Sarah Palin and Politics

Photo: Niah with her Mom, April during a visit earlier this year.

I am taking advantage of the fact that Sarah Palin has brought Down Syndrome to the forefront of politics to write again about the subject! I know I'm stretching it here, but I'm proud of my little granddaughter and I don't usually have a way to share anything in this blog about her!

I found an article on another blog that I thought was interesting on the subject of Sarah Palin and Down Syndrome:

Sarah Palin, Down syndrome and special needs

My younger son, Elijah, has Down syndrome, so naturally I was very interested to
hear about Sarah Palin's candidacy. Her experience of getting a prenatal
diagnosis of Down syndrome halfway through the pregnancy parallels our own
experience. Our doctor told us, "Based on this diagnosis, you can choose to
terminate the pregnancy." (We later learned that about 90% of babies prenatally
diagnosed with Down syndrome are terminated.) Like the Palins, we chose to have
our baby, and now we can't imagine life without Elijah. (My column for the
forthcoming October issue of Christianity Today is going to be about Down
syndrome and disability, because October happens to be Down syndrome awareness
month. I had already written and sent in my column a month ago, long before
Palin's candidacy had been announced. Kind of wild.)... (click the title to read all)

I also received an email this evening with a transcript of a discussion a caller had with Rush Limbaugh recently. I'd share it but it has so many of those little >>> marks that it'd take all night to get rid of them! The gist of the conversation was that a family with a Down Syndrome child was noticed by John and Cindy McCain and Sarah and Todd Palin as their bus drove in for a visit. They had the Secret Service go over and get them and the family hung out with the group for a while. They sent photos and gave a glowing talk about how down to earth and caring the McCains and Palins were. There's a real cute photo of the little Down Syndrome girl being held by Sarah Palin, giving her a big hug.

There are a lot of people making the Palin's choice to have Trig political. I continue to be dismayed at how nasty some people can be when writing about the subject.

Here's another real interesting blog post on Moonbattery:

September 1, 2008
Sarah Palin Blamed for Hurricane, Child's Down Syndrome
It appears that Bush, Cheney, and Rove are no longer responsible for all the ills of the world. Sarah Palin has to shoulder her share of blame too.

Here's another article of interest:

Joe Biden Slams Sarah Palin on Down Syndrome Son, Stem Cell Research
by Steven Ertelt Editor
September 9, 2008
Joe Biden, Barack Obama's pro-abortion running mate, is coming under fire for comments he made today attacking vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. After attacking her on abortion, Biden then slammed Palin on the birth of her son, who has Down syndrome.

OK, have I done enough writing about the political aspect to justify doing the grandma thing and sharing some photos of Niah? If not, sorry, you're getting 'em anyway!

2nd Photo: April (Niah's mom), cousin Skylar and Niah at my parents.
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