Thursday, September 18, 2008

Regarding comments

Hi all, I'm going to have to turn comments off for a while. I can't read and respond at the moment, rather busy! I'll pop things on here off and on and you know I'll be sharing my thoughts when the mood strikes (especially with the election coming up).

I'll forewarn you, I'm going to be talking quite a bit about Sarah Palin and it's not going to be negative ;-) I'm thrilled that some of my Democratic and Libertarian friends are now going to be voting for John McCain, something I attribute to his choice for VP! I have some self-proclaimed Independent friends who're voting for McCain, too, but that's old news.

Sarah Palin is firing people up in great ways! One local McCain rally coordinator told me they had only garnered a bit under 500 RSVPs until McCain announced Sarah Palin as his running mate. The number jumped to 2500 almost overnight!!! Talk about enthusiasm.

The more I learn about this lady the more I like her.

I heard today that Georgia is now firmly in the McCain camp in the polls. I think I may have shared (or maybe I shared in another blog) that Obama had pulled 75 of his staff out of Georgia and moved them to North Carolina.

I don't take anything for granted when it comes to where we'll be on November 4th, but there are a lot of encouraging signs at the moment.

I'm part of a network (you'll be seeing the logo) called "Read My Lipstick" and have been contributing to some of the blogs on there (Barracuda Babes for Sarah Palin in particular). Mostly I'm just posting the releases from the McCain campaign, adding a comment here and there. Blogs are time intensive and I'm working on a number of upcoming charities in addition to my normal Fayette Front Page duties so I am overwhelmed (my norm)!

While I'm thinking about it, go check out --- I'm going to be having a pottery show in November along with a friend, Donna Rosser, photographer. I also teach pottery which kinda takes up a bit of my time, too. If you'd like to see some of my pottery on my woefully outdated website, go to How's that for shamelessly putting in a plug for my art? If that's not enough, stop by the Dogwood Gallery in Tyrone to see some of my stuff. They're located behind The Legacy Theatre.

Remember you can vote absentee starting September 22nd. It's not necessary to have a reason any more. You'll need to go to the voting office on the top floor of the County Complex (Stonewall Village) in Fayettevillle though, you can't yet vote in your city or regular precincts.

I am going to post something a bit later if I have a chance regarding the current financial crisis. One of the comments posted on a previous blog had a some incorrect information according to everything I've been hearing and reading (I think my hubby is glued to the financial / business stations at the moment!).

Sorry about the comment thing, I just really can't read all the comments that started coming in once I mentioned Sarah Palin's name on here and I really don't want to fight with my commenting friends! Unfortunately, based on what I've seen on the Read My Lipstick Network blogs, some of the comments that come in are so ugly (none of the ones on this blog have been) that it's just a matter of time before someone other than our Fayette County folks who can disagree without being nasty find this blog! Soon as the election is over (or I have a bit more free time) I'll turn comments back on, promise. I like to spar .

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