Friday, September 05, 2008

Tidbit on McCain's speech

Just heard that the number of people listening to McCain's speech last night topped Obama's numbers by half a million. Not sure what that means, but it sounds like good news to me!

One little tidbit on Sarah Palin's speech, too: She had one million less than Obama, BUT she was carried on four fewer networks than Obama. Heard the names rattled off earlier but I was in traffic and couldn't write them down (BET was the first they mentioned, none of the others stuck as I was getting off the interstate).

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Anonymous said...

I watched all three speeches, like most political junkies. As someone not impressed with either the Republicans or the Democrats, I watched each with a critical eye.
The two atop the Republican ticket are cunning politicians, but I don't think they are good for much other than possibly winning an election.

Suddenly the repubicans are the party of change? Come on, gimmie a break.