Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The future of our country?

Joe the Plumber asks a simple question and his background is investigated, he is attacked, maligned and trashed. His records are hacked into and everything about him is parsed and twisted into a negative.

Barbara West, the Orlando reporter who recently interviewed Joe Biden, asks a question and is trashed, hacked and maligned. Lies are told regarding her husbands background and the station she works for is banned from future interviews.

I could continue the list of people who have had their character assassinated, but these two are current and in the news. Rather than answer questions the messenger is attacked.

What will an Obama presidency be like if this is how things are done on the campaign trail?

To my way of thinking, a Presidential candidate should open all reasonable records and be open about every aspect of their public life. Instead we have a candidate who won't share his thesis from college and, from what I've read, his college records.

There are questions about his birth records and background that could be cleared up by producing a document or records that any of us could easily produce with minimal effort. Why not just show the records and be done with it? Why fight the lawsuit that would be shut down by simply producing a birth certificate? What's the big deal? (One lawsuit by Berg was dismissed because the court said Berg lacked standing, only the government could bring suit to prove citizenship... which seems rather strange to me since the government has access to the documents needed so why would they ever sue?). I've read both sides of this one and it's bigger than just a birth certificate, also brings into question the time Obama spent in Indonesia and more. You'll have to do your own Google search to find out more, it's interesting and who knows way down the pipeline where I sit whether there's merit.

If he's hiding things now and the press is letting him get away with it, what will the future with a President Obama be like?

There are changing answers to the questions about Obama's associations with domestic terrorists, Israel hating groups, reverse racists and others. There's the question of his twenty years sitting in the pew of a church that spewed vitriol and views that are definitely not mainstream.

If we can't get a straight answer from him now, can we expect better if he's elected?

There's the question about his experience.

How will he handle the promised international threat his running mate Joe Biden has promised? Why should we elect someone who will bring about an incident?

There's his statement that one of the first things he'd do is sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). H.R. 1964 and S.1173. This would basically strike down any limits by any state on abortion. It's a broad bill that does a lot to promote abortion. Again, I'll let you do the research and come to your own conclusions.

What will our future look like?

We'll have a Democratic President, a Democratic House and Senate, the Supreme Court and many lesser courts will become more liberal as appointments are made and there won't be any stopping the rolling tide.

Barney Franks said cut military spending 25% and yes, there would be tax increases.

Barack Obama has confirmed that he believes in spreading the wealth.

Small business would be a thing of the past in no time.

The "Fairness" Doctrine would be enacted.

We as Americans need to stop our hero worship, wash away the glitter and look at the bare facts. Go read Obama's books and read his words. We're teetering on the brink of losing America as we know it and Obama isn't glossing over the facts. He's promising Change and I guarantee you it's not the change we're going to want when the dust clears and we see the results.

Some of my friends believe that if he wins there will be a very good chance in 2 years that America will see the results and vote in a Republican Congress to counter his actions. I don't believe that will happen. I'll save my thoughts on the next election for another day.

On a side note, I'm not sure if I've mentioned this in a blog yet: Go check out http://www.wam08.org/. Democrats, Independents and Republicans working together for a common goal. I hope you'll check it out, sign up and get involved.

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