Tuesday, October 07, 2008

McCain - Obama Debate Thoughts

I'm still trying to settle into how I feel about tonight's debate. I want to hear more about this bailout of bad mortgages John McCain mentioned. I'm thinking that maybe I should stop paying my mortgage now so the government can renegotiate my loan and cut my monthly house payment.

I do not like the government getting into our business, interfering with the free market and generally just meddling. I hear the hype that says we needed this to stop us from going into a depression and I'm sure that all those who are talking know much, much more than I do. But every time they talk about the bailout (rescue to some) I hear them talking about hiring people, hiring agencies to help and I hear the beginnings of another big bureaucracy that will be alive long after its needed.

I did not like tonight's format only because I thought Tom Brokaw turned it into a regular old debate. It wasn't a town hall meeting where people just asked questions. Brokaw picked them and, aside from the very last question, it was more of the same. I thought it was a rather silly question to end the debate with. "What don't you know?" My answer would have been, "the answer to your question".

I heard more substance from John McCain and I thought his closing was great. Obama sounded like he was on the defensive quite a bit.

I think the media tried to get everyone all excited about the possibility of a fight on Bill Ayers and similar so the civility almost made the debate boring. You had to be a political wonk or very concerned about the election to sit through the entire thing. To me it went fast, mainly because I am a political junkie and I am extremely concerned about the election and the future of our country.

I've heard and read enough about Obama's plans so I was able to read between the lines. He talks over issues and around them, but never talks about the nuts and bolts of his plans. I know it's hard to do so in the time allotted, and I don't think John McCain did a much better job given the constraints.

The best debate, or public appearance might be a better description, was the talk Rick Warren had with the candidates.

I'd like to have a similar format with Mary Matlin and Carville asking both of them questions! Wouldn't that be lively?

Fox News and CNN are doing text or call in polls on who won. On Fox 12% say Obama, 1% undecided, the rest for McCain. On CNN it's almost a complete flip on the results. Guess that shows who's watching which station! Luckily Fox has more viewers and more middle of the road viewers, too.

Humor aside, Obama seems to be running on personality and McCain seems to be running on substance. Unfortunately, personality often wins over quality and substance. Let's hope the American public makes the right choice these next few weeks. It's kind of hard to have any faith in the system when the Democrats are going into jails to register voters.

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