Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sharing blogs from the Read My Lipstick Network

Yes, I'm being lazy! I'm sharing words from other fellow bloggers. Hope you'll check out the blogs and add them to your favorites! If you need to get pumped up about the election scroll down the sidebar of my blog and take a look at all the people who are blogging and working in support of John McCain! Today I came across a group at that was very interesting. It's a group of former Hillary Clinton supporters who basically say anyone but Obama. Found another network at with a fairly large group of bloggers for McCain. These are people out working, not just writing.

Here's a small sampling of the many blogs in the Read My Lipstick Network:

Ugly remark unsubstantiated by Secret Service
posted by Jem at America Needs Sarah Palin - 12 minutes ago
Secret Service on Scranton 'Kill Him' Report: "We Have Yet to Find Someone to Back Up the Story" Yesterday, David Singleton of the *Scranton Times-Tribune* reported that someone shouted "kill him!" abou...

Obama vs. the plumber
posted by Jem at America Needs Sarah Palin - 35 minutes ago
Maybe Joe Six-pack from flyover country isn't the ignoramus the elites think he is. At the beginning of the first video is Joe Wurzelbacher's tax question and Obama's answer. (If you keep watching, you'll...

posted by Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" at Draft Sarah Palin For Vice President - 1 hour ago
This has made a few headlines in the last few days, but I hadn't heard the full song until today. So, for those who have yet to hear Hank Williams Jr.'s "McCain-Palin Tradition", enjoy.

Obama's Tax Plan
posted by Barracuda Babes at Barracuda Babes for Sarah Palin - 6 hours ago
Aside from Obama's statement, umm I mean promise, to give everyone a tax cut (which means 40% of the people get a check since they don't pay taxes), there is this issue of taking away the Bush tax cuts. (O...

And the Voter Fraud Accusations Continue in OHIO
posted by A Mom for McCain at More Moms for McCain - 9 hours ago
(Photo courtesy of Michelle Malkin of the house in Columbus where Ohio voter fraud is purportedy taking place) This is just unbelievable. There are more worms in this can than a fisherman's bucket after t...

A Conservative on Healthcare
posted by (Kat) at Moms In The Right - 16 hours ago
In true Capitalist spirit, I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard this question, "If conservatives are so concerned about abortion, why don't they care about poor children without health care and ...

CNN Reports On The Obama Campaign's Misleading ACORN Story
posted by Fayette Front at Republican Candidates - 16 hours ago
"Now, today I'm told that the Obama campaign is saying that we may have paid them some money for canvassing, but in earlier e-mails with the Obama campaign, they did say that they paid them $800,000, a sub...

Obama's Religious Ruse: His 'Conversion'By Alexander LaBrecque
posted by Grace Explosion at Go Sarah!! - 17 hours ago
October 15, 2008 Obama's Religious Ruse: His 'Conversion'By Alexander LaBrecque Part 2 of 3; read part 1 here. During his presidential campaign, Obama the skeptic has touted his Christian identity as defi...

Grassroots voter intimidation
posted by Jem at America Needs Sarah Palin - 21 hours ago
Moms for McCain clues us in on "an important concern that my Moms have raised: intimidation, harassment, and illegal acts against them because they support McCain." She gives lots of examples. Please read....

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