Friday, October 03, 2008

We needed the bailout because????

We needed the bailout because, why? what? huh?

So they pass this multi-billion dollar bailout bill with all the extras and the market jumps!


Except it's going in the wrong direction.


Why isn't Wall Street happy with this thing?

Could it be we didn't need it?

Could it be Paulsen and others were wrong?

Could it be... they want more, more, more?

I'm still hung up on why they had to put all the extra stuff in it just to make it pass. The price tag on these guys and gals conscious wasn't very high when you look at what it took to make them swing from one side to the other.

I'm pleased our Republican House members all voted against the bill, regardless of whether they did it for the right reasons or simply to stay in office. I'd prefer they did it on principle, but I'll take the vote either way.

Here's another scenario for wanting the bailout: The Democrats want it as another step toward Socialism. I heard today that the changes made in the bill make that less likely. Hope that's true. I'm not sitting down to read through 650 plus pages of twisty-talk to try and find out. Most of us will live to see the results and how it plays out.

All afternoon I've been listening as political types explained their vote for and against the bill. I've never heard so much pandering in one day in my life.

I've been listening off and on as the financial wogs explained why the bill wasn't doing much for the stock market. They don't really know based on what I'm hearing, but they sure do sound like they might. The tone seems to be that this really wasn't a fix, it was just to staunch the flood. Times are going to continue to be tough, nothing may improve.

Hey, did you guys know that Japan called and said we really needed to do something over here to make sure the bill was passed? I think it was Pelosi who threw that tidbit out in the midst of her talk today. She did a fair job and managed not to continue her desire to work on a non-partisan basis and all get along (cough, cough) by saying half of those she wanted to hold hands with were unpatriotic.

You'll be pleased to know she just tossed in a few light obligatory slam-Bushes and actually managed to say she appreciated the work of a couple of Republicans. Well, she didn't use the word Republican, but still, she uttered their names. She didn't say exactly what they did, and she did manage to give credit to every addition or good thing (in her mind) to a Democrat, but that's about as close as I've ever seen her get to making nice with Republicans.

Yes, and the ground didn't split open and swallow her, nor did lightening strike. But don't you worry, Ms. Nancy will be back in true form now that the vote is complete.

What's the future hold? Pain and misery if the talking heads know their stuff even partially.

I've heard there's a run on canned goods in the grocery stores. I haven't seen it and there seems to be plenty of food on the shelves so I think maybe someone is having a bit of fun with the truth. Guess I'll find out next time I go shopping.

On the McCain front, it seems that passing this bill might be a good thing according to some as it gets the issue of the economy off the table. It will only be a good thing if life improves over the next few weeks and the bill has a noticeable impact. If the effects of the bill are negligible or life doesn't improve for many, then his yes vote can end up hurting his chances.

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