Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Saxby headed to a run-off?

When I went to bed late last night both Fox News and CNN had declared Saxby Chambliss a winner. I woke up this morning to discover he may be headed to the run-off of all run-offs. As I type he has 49.8% of the vote with the Secretary of State's office still opening early or absentee (?) ballots from "heavily populated counties". Those heavily populated counties are probably not going to favor Saxby as clearly as some other rural counties.

We'll see what happens. If he goes into a run-off you're going to see so many ads from both sides it will have you turning off your television and your phone recorder. Both sides will view this as a death-match and throw everything they have at it.

Why Georgia is one of the only (or maybe one of the very, very few) to require a 50 plus 1 victory is beyond me. It always seems to favor the candidate who took the least votes and had the least support of the two.

Look at our local election here with Peter Pfeifer. He had two tough opponents yet he came within a hair of winning the election outright. If he had taken just a tiny fraction of his Peachtree City opponents numbers he'd have won outright. Instead he ended up in a run-off and as always, the number of people who came out was laughable. The "underdog" won as usual, thus the guy who got a fraction of Pfeifer's votes now takes the seat in January.

Whether it's a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or "other" in that situation, it doesn't seem logical to force a run-off.

On a good note, I just got the work that Al Franken lost by a slim margin. Due to state rules there will be an automatic run-off the race was so close.

I was kinda hoping Louisiana would ditch Landrau just because of Katrina, but that didn't happen although if I remember the numbers it was also fairly close.

Elizabeth Dole lost in North Carolina.

I'm still half asleep. I stayed up until McCain gave his concession speech last night, very diplomatic and gracious by the way. Then I woke up at the crack of dawn and couldn't get back to sleep. That after rising yesterday before 5 a.m. to be a poll watcher, running back and forth to cover the suspicious package threat at Republican headquarters in Fayetteville and trying to keep up with the Fayette Front Page, the Christian City Chair-ity event (mark your calendars for Dec. 1st for a really cool event), the Read My Lipstick Network, and on and on it goes... Yours truly was one busy and tired puppy and it'll take me a day or two to recover!

Keep the faith, we have a tough road ahead of us but we're strong!

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