Thursday, November 20, 2008

Something interesting

I'm a member of the Read My Lipstick Network of bloggers (I think I may have mentioned that before ;-) Today I was glancing through some of the blog posts of other members and saw one promoting Ray McBerry for Governor of Georgia, 2010. I'd never heard of the guy before so I popped over to check him out. It was interesting reading, especially since I get emails from the Dixie Broadcasting Radio station he mentions (he's president of the station).

I had been deleting the emails as spam because they came to give different email addresses at the same time, thus I figured it had to be spam... And as it was spam, I didn't want to unsubscribe because that typically lets the spammer know that it's a valid email address and all of a sudden you're inundated with similar junk.

Now that mystery has been solved I'm going to unsubscribe from four of the emails and keep one so I can watch.

He's running on a Republican ticket but says up front he's voted all over the map in the past. I applaud his honesty, but that probably means the Republican Party isn't going to touch him with a ten mile long pole.

He also isn't afraid to talk about his views, his religious beliefs and kind of lay it all out on the table. I like that. Unfortunately, while most will say that's what they want, they still vote for the guy who gives the political double-speak answers that make everyone happy.

I'll let you take a look, see what you think:

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