Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sharing a great post on Israel, Gaza, Hamas

Let me set this up just a bit before I share the blog.

A good friend, Gen. Jack Wheeler (ret.) started sending me some of the newsletters and other information he receives regarding the military. One of the newsletters, Multi-national Force Iraq (MNF), had such great articles I thought it would be worth following up to see if we could reprint some in our various military sections and blogs on the Fayette Front Page and Georgia Front Page.

I tracked down a general email and sent a request for permissions.

The affirmative response came from Fred Wellman, another friend. Fred lived in Peachtree City for a number of years and was actually running for Mayor when September 11th shocked us all. He decided not to run, re-enlisted in the Army, moved to wherever they sent him, and has now served three tours in Iraq. Last I heard he was Chief of Public Affairs, Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq.

We emailed back and forth a few times and in one of the emails he included a link to his blog, Armed and Curious, Home of the Heavily Armed Tourist. I check it off and on just to see how he's doing. The following is his take on the situation in Israel, posted Jan. 5th.

Of dumb rockets and dummer people
I have been watching the unfolding battle in Gaza very eagerly and with much less detachment than I think the normal observer would because of my intimate association with rockets after three tours in Iraq. It sickens me how much many observers are castigating Israel for finally responding to the withering rocket fire they have endured for 8 years in southern Israel.

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