Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Global Warming? Climate Change?

I'm sitting in my office with my toes frozenated... yeah, I made that word up. I have on 2 shirts and almost need gloves, mainly 'cause my office is a converted sunroom and I'd have to crank up the heat to ridiculous in the rest of the house to keep this area reasonable. However, I'm doing my part to keep the thermostat low (unlike our new President who likes hot-house temps in the White House).

I've heard all the rationalization as to why it's so darned cold despite the "fact" (cough, cough) that the globe is warming. I know it's now politically correct to call it "climate change". Yeah, well, the climate changes. Just like the chicken-little cause of the moment changes with the wind.

Why am I talking about this one in politics? Because it is affecting politics in a huge way. Mr. Obama is in the process of changing the way our country works simply because he's bought into "climate change". Or maybe he's just using that as an excuse to attain another goal. That one is a huge subject and I'll let you ponder on where we're heading and why...

I'm all for conservation and taking care of our planet. I was recycling long before it was popular, always took out a bag full of extra garbage when I went on hikes or camped, and so on and so forth. I'm a tree-hugging vegetarian Republican.

However, I have just never been able to get on board with global warming. If the scientists and those in the know can't agree that it exists, how in the world can anyone say with any certainty that it's happening? When you hear the scientific data used to prove there is global warming debunked, when logical holes are poked in the data, how can one believe in it? They can't even predict tomorrow's weather with certainty, how can they predict the demise of our planet?

Here's an interesting link for those with an open mind willing to look at both sides (it's the "other" side, scientists who don't believe in global warming):

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Bhuvan Chand said...

climate change is really harmful to us..