Tuesday, March 10, 2009

House Dems eyeing another stimulus bill; environmentalists up In arms?

Someone needs to let the Dems know that it's not good for the environment to keep printing paper. Nasty ink, dioxins, cutting down trees, processing the paper... all to keep printing money that is losing value faster than they can print it.

Then, think about the waste of printing those huge thousand page documents that no one reads. Make a slight amendment or language change and the whole mess has to be reprinted for all the staffers again.

Where are those pesky environmentalists when we need them???

Next installment: Labor laws stretched as thousands sweat over printing presses and copying machines

House Dems eyeing another stimulus bill
House Democrats are looking at yet another economic stimulus bill beyond the $787 billion one just enacted as investors and consumers continue to show little faith in the economy. > Read More

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