Saturday, March 28, 2009

Reid: Paying Taxes is Voluntary

I thought this video was comedy at first because they weren't showing the interviewer and Harry Reid together. It had to be a spoof it was so ridiculous.

Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, asserts that we have a voluntary tax system because we can claim exemptions.

Um, last time I checked, if we don't pay, we go to jail. We have no say over what is done with our taxes (aside from trying to elect the right people... I won't tell you what I think of that one in this post :-).

Our system is better than the European system, per Reid, because there the employer takes out all the taxes and here we get to fill out tons of forms, pay tax accountants, hassle with the IRS, get fined if we don't report correctly or we're late... OK, yes, I admit, I embellished his comments on that last bit... take me to jail, fine me... oh, wait, I was confused, that's what happens when you have tax problems in our voluntary system, not what happens when you exaggerate what a politician said... at the moment. Given what's going on in Washington, that could change at any minute.

Hat tip to Bruce P. Majors on Facebook for bringing this video to may attention.

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