Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Specter, the Poster Child for Term Limits

Yesterday I wrote a quick bit about Arlen Specter's defection after hearing a short bit on the radio stating he'd switched. I hadn't heard his words regarding the move when I wrote it.

Guess he answered all my questions: it's nothing but political survival.

After a lifetime as claiming to be a Republican he's willing to say to heck with principles, I want to stay in power so I'm turning my back on whatever I told you I believed in? He says flat out that he's switching parties simply because he couldn't win as a Republican.

He is the poster child for term limits. The egos get so darned big, they get so entrenched in power and games, that they forget why they're there. They forget about principles.

Someone pointed out to me yesterday that Lieberman switched when the going got tough. Yep, he did. But he moved to a tougher position as an Independent. Being an Independent gives you the flexibility of voting left or right. He made the switch for the same reasons basically that Specter did, but he didn't trash his party, he continued to claim it. He just picked a neutral ticket and openly said he was still a Democrat.

Specter left for the left. He made a deal with his political devil, sold his soul, just to stay in office. Why? Because he thinks he is that important?

Years back when I first went into management, one of my bosses told me something that has stuck with me through the years. He said that at the point someone thought they were indispensable, they WERE indispensable.

Specter made a choice that shows he thinks he's indispensable.

He's not and I hope he learns that lesson the hard way, by losing.

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