Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who's running for Nathan Deal's seat?

Mike Evans of White County, Bill Stevens of Fannin County, Rep. Tom Graves of Gordon County are running for Nathan Deal (R-9th) seat. Sen. Lee Hawkins of Gainesville may also run for the seat, seems to be a back and forth on yes or no.

Deal is running for Georgia Governor. Looks like Deal picked up all but one endorsement from his fellow Georgia Republican Congressman while at the State GOP Convention in Savannah (or maybe before and everyone just "came out" at the convention). U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston is supporting Sen. Eric Johnson in his bid for Governor.

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Anonymous said...

And Sonny likes Karen Handel--the only candidate who has spent any real time in Fayette County since announcing. She even had an interview published in the county's one DECENT newspaper.

The AJC (one of the area's several terrible newspapers) seems to be gunning for John Oxendine--at least enough to keep him as a fixture on the Sunday front page. I didn't see the Ox as a legitimate threat, but apparently the AJC does, which is why they're trying to destroy his credibility (not that it's been too hard to do that).

Anyways, I like Poythress. We need a General from the other side to whip one of the nation's most dysfunctional General Assemblies into shape.