Monday, June 29, 2009

Cap and Trade: Get 'em to change their vote!

From my friend Steve:

Dear Friends: Jill Rethman of Hawaii send out the message below (I've put it in italics) regarding the "Cap and Tr8tor" Republicans who voted for the absurd cap and trade bill that will cost many Americans their jobs . . . and all Americans higher energy prices. As you know, the bill passed by a vote of 219-212. In the vote, 211 Democrats voted for the bill . . . along with 8 (eight) Republicans. As Jill indicates, it's essential that we put pressure on the Republicans to change their votes. If four of them do, Cap and Trade will be defeated, as it should be.


My friend Garry alerted me to the fact that those who voted for the Cap and Trade bill have until Wednesday, July 1, to change their votes. This means that if we put enough pressure on the eight Republicans who voted for this ridiculous bill, they could change their "Yeas" to "Nays"!

Wouldn't that be a great Independence Day gift?

Here they are with their contact info:

Cap and Tr8tors - 8 Republicans Who Voted for Cap and Trade

Call and fax them!!! Let's burn up their lines - I understand the congressional switchboard was frozen Friday because of all the calls.


P.S. When calling, be respectful but firm. State that you are a concerned American who doesn't want higher taxes and higher costs. Request that they change their votes for the good of current and future Americans and that we are counting on them to do the right thing. If they all change their votes, the bill goes down!

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