Friday, July 03, 2009

Rome Tea Party

The Tea Party is :
July 4th1030-1200
Opi's Waterfront Grille
112 West Second Street
(Parking Lot- 1/2 block off West 1st Street)
Rome, GA 30161

The Independence Day Tea Party at Opi's Waterfront Grill will keynote speaker Jonathan Krohn the incomparable 14 year old conservative, author of "Define Conservative", frequent guest on Fox News, Hannity, C-Span and many other media as well as the energizing speaker of the Atlanta Tax Day Tea Party. Several other speakers, including the firebrand Sherri Reese will share their thoughts about Americas direction and the "real change" we need. Roman Randy Smith will MC , music will be provided by Leslie Gaddy and fantastic food will be available from Opi's Waterfront Grill. Please bring chairs as we will be in an open parking lot area. Same location as the ultra-successful Tax Day Tea Party. Take two hours out of your Independence Day to let your voices be heard.

"It doesn't require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority to set brush fires in peoples minds." --Samuel Adams

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