Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kids, Obama, more indoctrination...

Can you just imagine what would have happened if anyone had done something like the previous video in last post about George Bush??? Here's some more fun stuff being taught to our kids...

Yo Mir Kenen.
Yo mir kenen, yo mir kenen
President Obama
Mazel tov fun kinder, bubehs ,zeydehs, tatehs, mamehs

Yes we can, yes we can
President Obama
Good luck from children, grandparents, papas and mamas.

Yo mir kenen, yo mir kenen,
Zogt undzer president ,
Yung un alt ,di gantze velt, patchen mit di hent.

Yes we can, yes we can
Our president does say.
Young and old, the whole wide world, greets you on this day.

This one is kinda catchy:

I have more... going to put them in a separate post so it doesn't load too slow...

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