Friday, September 11, 2009

Obama Denies Flyover of "God and Country Rally" - 1st time in 42 years

I missed this one back in July: for the first time in 42 years the Pentagon denied a request for a flyover at the annual "God and Country Rally".

This action is similar to others I'm hearing about via email, blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. from many others.

Recently a friend told me that Obama had turned down a request from the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) to send a greeting, something the President has always done. Shoot, it's just a letter, how many does the President send out by rote in a day? What's the big deal about sending one to the DAR? Maybe it has something to do with their strong support of the Constitution? Just wondering...

- Then there was the covering of religious symbols at Georgetown University earlier this year.
- He lifted the ban on stem cell research (some would debate whether that belonged in this list).
- He scaled back the National Day of Prayer, signing a piece of paper rather than hosting events in the White House.

If you do an Internet search or just wander over to YouTube and do a search, you'll come up with other similar incidents or changes a-happening.

I seriously doubt that Obama personally sent a memo to someone saying "turn down the flyover". However, somehow the Pentagon decided to change the long standing happening and I'd guess it's probably a result of Obama's staffing choices and his direction to those in his administration. The president shapes the culture and the choices made by those under his control by putting in a "type" of person in various slots. Those people are tasked with furthering his agenda and desires.

We're in the midst of a major sea-change in our country.

To see the true direction we're heading you can't look at one isolated issue, you need to look at the overall picture. Step back, put it all together and it's clear we're heading down a path that is not the America our founding fathers envisioned.

Freedom of religion does not mean squashing religion.

Freedom of religion does not mean we shouldn't allow any acknowledgement of religion.

When our country was founded part of the impetus was to keep government from running religion, from forcing people to bend to religious "rule". Think about what it was like when those brave souls crossed the ocean, leaving their homes, families and friends. The Spanish Inquisition (1478 - around 1830's), the 'wars' between Catholics, Protestants, the Church of England, etc., etc., etc. Government used religion, controlled people's worship, used it as a cudgel to whip people into a belief system.

We didn't want that in this country. We wanted people to have the freedom to worship as they wanted. The idea wasn't to stop people IN government from worshiping as they chose, or from praying in public, etc.

I had put this blog aside a few weeks back as I know when you get into religion, the founding of the country, what our forefathers intentions were and related issues that it's like opening not just a can of worms, but a nest of snakes. I can think of a few more contentious issues, but this one is fairly high on the list of "don't touch" subjects!

I'm going to end with a contrast, and with the reason I decided to go ahead and pop this out into my blog...

This past weekend the Obama administration allowed the Chinese flag to be raised for the first time ever in Washington. It wasn't raised AT the White House or OVER the White House, but permission was needed from the White House to allow the action at a nearby park (some reports said it happened on the south lawn of the White House, but I think that's incorrect).

I don't want to get into the back and forth that's going on about whether it should or should not have been allowed... and I know it's not quite a side-by-side issue or situation, but still... it's OK to allow the flying of a Communist country's flag but not write a letter to the DAR or allow a flyover at an event honoring our military? Allowing the flag of a country that suppresses religious freedom to be raised beside the American flag? Sumpin's wrong. Bad wrong.

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