Tuesday, November 03, 2009

One Year to Judgment Day... Atlanta, GA

I just love sucking up the energy when I'm around tea party enthusiasts! It's like a shot of patriotic adrenaline...

Last night a group of us traveled from Fayette County to Atlanta to hear Herman Cain, Martha Zoller, Jonathan Krohn, Brian Donegan and other conservatives. It was chilly. The crowd wasn't that great compared to some of the other tea party events and rallies I've been to, but the fire was still there! I didn't expect a huge crowd given the minimal advertising, the fact that it was on a work night, etc., etc.

I saw quite a few t-shirts from the local group, Southern Crescent Tea Party Patriots (http://www.ptcteapartypatriots.org/), and then today as I've talked with different people via phone, Facebook and Twitter, I discovered other Fayette Countians who were there, too. We had quite a good representation overall it seems.

The purpose of last night's rally was to celebrate? kick-off? remind us all? that one year from the day of the rally there will be a big election, possibly one our most important elections. Those who aren't involved, who aren't paying attention, need to start now. We have too much at risk for Americans to be political couch potatoes.

The national Tea Party Express is coming through next Monday, 5:30 p.m. at the State Capitol. Now that one is going to be HUGE! It needs to be... More info at www.teapartyexpress.org. I have another event that night so will have to miss it unfortunately. Hope some from here will take photos and send to me. Hope someone takes some video so I can watch.

I'm posting some videos from the event at youtube/gafrontpage if you'd like to hear any of the speakers or music. John Berry sang a few songs, he was fantastic! I'm a convert and will be buying some of his CDs. The videos I made don't do justice to his talent (especially when some of those around me start singing along... ;-)

Hope you're all out voting today! Here in Fayette County I'm hoping the SPLOST dies by a bit margin. I think there are a number of factors at play that could hurt my wished-for outcome. One, the turnout is going to be fairly low. Two, those in the cities have to vote in two separate elections. I'm sure there are more. I haven't run into anyone who's for keeping that additional tax just so the County has extra money, our money, to play around with, but there are a lot of people I don't know!

Shelby Barker in Peacthree City, running for City Council, is opposed to the SPLOST, too. I wish I lived in PTC just so I could vote for him! Good guy all around, I think he'd do a great job.

Here's hoping we're successful in New Jersey, Virginia, etc.! Wouldn't that be a kicker to kick Corzine out? It'll be something to celebrate if Hoffman takes the race, too.

I'll be watching the results closely tonight as will many across the nation.

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