Monday, March 01, 2010

Deal to Resign House Seat Today

All across the web waves, Deal will be resigning from House today. From news reports it seems he was next to be investigated by House Ethics Committee...

Two ways of looking at it. You may have another, but this is it for me at the moment :

1) He didn't do anything wrong but the continuing hoopla over an ethics investigation would keep his name in lights in a negative way or
2) He had something to worry about and by leaving he potentially keeps anyone from knowing for sure one way or the other.

Either way, his resignation is NOT good for the future of Obama's health care fiasco that's moving forward regardless of the voices of multitudes, the majority, of Americans.

My thoughts? Deal probably did something good for his campaign, but he sure didn't do anything good for the much-needed conservative fight across the country.

From Peach Pundit & Political Wire:

The back story: "The House Ethics Committee came down hard on Charlie Rangel last week. The next case up was to look at Deal's use of his Congressional staff to protect a no-bid State contract here in Georgia. The House ethics committee was due to release their findings in this case any day. Deal's resignation probably makes this go away."

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