Friday, December 10, 2010

Fayette County Commission Closes Year with Controversial Votes

Wow. I haven't been to a Commission meeting in a while but figured with the controversial West Fayetteville Bypass on the agenda it'd be a good one to hit. Especially as I'm a NIMBY (not in my back yard-er) now...the Bypass will go right in front of my home.

Yes, the Bypass was a hot issue and a number of people were there to speak against it, but other things popped up that made it a jam-packed night of controversial issues.

Former County Commissioner Harold Bost blasted the Commissioners for spreading lies about his time in office. They have said in public meetings and in social settings (that part's hearsay) that Bost was forced to resign. They said he was a disgraced Commissioner, it was discovered that he was actually a resident of Florida when he ran and / or served in office and that he was forced to resign as a result.

Bost brought tax records, voting records, homestead exemption records and proof of residency going back to his birth and showed that he was a legal resident of Georgia the entire time he was in office. He stated that no one would be able to force him not to do anything.

Eric Maxwell stared off into space during Bost's comments and finally asked Jack Smith, Chairman, to cut him off.

The Commission also voted 3 - 1 to give final approval of Democrat and Republican appointments to the Board of Elections to themselves. Up until the vote each of the two top political parties in the county appointed a member of the Board of Elections and the Commission appointed one. With this move five Republicans will now have the final say in who the Democrat and Republican Party appoint.

Maxwell spoke against the move and voted against it. Lee Hearn was absent due to illness.

The Commissioners voted 4-0 to approve a conceptual plan for the final phase of the very controversial West Fayetteville Bypass. The Bypass will continue down Lester Road cutting off the fronts and backs of numerous properties, completely wiping out four or five home properties and make major changes to the configuration of the road. It will snake down Ebenezer Church, move across Redwine, build a new segment through properties that will connect back into Harp Road then end at Hwy 85.

The meeting ended with Maxwell and Smith saying goodbye and thanks with a major part of their farewell speeches spent justifying their votes and actions. More on that later!

Herb Frady all but crowed when Maxwell said he'd be coming to the first meeting of next year to see the selection of Chairman. With a three-two majority I'd be shocked if Frady isn't selected by Lee Hearn and Robert Horgan. Especially since Smith has already carried Frady down to the ARC so he could introduce him to everyone.

Steve Brown and Allen McCarty are going to be outvoted by the trio in most cases over the next two years. However, that doesn't mean it's going to be a quiet two years as anyone who's familiar with Brown knows.

Unfortunately, with the Frady-Horgan-Hearn three-some having the majority for at least two more years we're probably going to get more of the same that we've had these past four years. Then again, Horgan and Hearn will be running for election so maybe they'll listen to the majority of Fayette voters on some issues. Frady will be up for re-election also, but who knows if he'll go for one more term.

I filmed the meeting and am in the process of putting together some YouTube videos of the important parts of the meeting for you.

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