Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A bit better

Well, looks like a bit over 13% came out to vote today in Fayette County. Better than projected for sure, but still we have another County Commissioner elected by an extremely small percentage of voters. I hope some of the 77% who didn't vote will take a minute or two to comment at the end of this blog as I'd very much like to know why you didn't vote. No names are required to put a comment on here, there's no way to figure out who you are!

I'm watching the statewide races, and the McKinney race of course. Looks like McKinney is not going to make it, but there's still a lot of votes to count. They're saying the turnout was high in DeKalb so with only 12% of the vote in, it could go anywhere. Her folks were out complaining about problems at the polls today. The Elections folks said no way... but there's speculation that she's possibly planning on fighting a loss on those grounds if she doesn't get wiped out by a wide margin. It'll be a long night for those watching that election!

Karen Handel, Republican for Secretary of State, has stayed steady at around 55% or so. It appears she's going to face Gail Buckner in November. Gary Black, Agriculture Commission, is staying in the 60% range, handily beating Kemp. It's going to be interesting to see if he can unseat long-time Ag Commissioner Tommy Irvin. Jim Martin is currently up with just under 60% of the vote so it looks like Casey Cagle will be running against him.

I'm checking on Lieberman, hoping he makes it! Doesn't look like he's going to pull it out though. With 44% of the vote in he's losing 53% - 47%.

Haven't heard about statewide turnout yet. More later...

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