Wednesday, August 09, 2006


McKinney is history (at least in Congress). True to form she decided not to go quietly with grace...

Lieberman lost and will be running as an independent. That's going to be an interesting race to watch.

Linda Wells lost. Most of you know that I was supporting Linda. Years back I worked with the Sheriff (albeit unknowingly) to unseat her. Since then I've learned a LOT about how things work in the county and discovered how much the Sheriff actually does influence all aspects of politics and reporting in this county. I'll save that for another time and another blog... this isn't the venue for that you'll have to wait for my NEW soon-to-be blog on another site.

(I'm getting ready to re-tool one of my other sites, It's going to be a bit more political than the Fayette Forum. I love the mission of the Forum, it's "me." I believe positive is the best way to go in all aspects of life. However, I think people need a place to voice their opinions. JMac Snippets will be a little broader in some ways and a little more narrow in others. It will focus mainly on issues that are affecting people on the south side of Atlanta. I'll give you more info as time goes on... )

Yeah Karen Handel!!! She is one of the sharpest straight-shooters I've ever known. She is fun, smart, conservative, has a great personality, knows the issues, etc., etc. She worked hard to win and will work hard for us when she wins in November.

Gary Black is a good guy and if he can unseat Tommy Irvin we'll be well-served.

Gotta get Perdue back for another term.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man are we going to miss Linda Wells and Greg Dunn. People voted on one issue - the sherriff and made a hugely wrong choice giving up the county to keep him intact. Like he doesn't waster more money that the law suits times ten every year. Oh well people are going to regret this if they stay here to see it through.