Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dems on the rise

Looking at the numbers a little closer (see previous blog). It struck me that there were more voters in the 2004 election than in 2006. While it is true that in 2004 18% who voted pulled a Democratic ballot and in 2006 32% voted Democratic, the numers were less in 2006. So, I took it one step further and compared the actual number of voters in each election. There was a 25% increase from 2004 to 2006 in the number of Democratic voters. In raw numbers, roughly 1,350 more people voted in 2006 than in2004.

Contrast that with the fact that 4,827 LESS people overall voted in 2006 than in 2004. If you think about it, with the increase of 1,350 Democrats and the decrease of close to 5,000 overall voters you see a strong trend of seeming apathy in the Republican voters in the county.

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