Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's Just Politics

How many times do we hear or say “it’s just politics”? Nasty attacks? It’s just politics. Slams, lies, stealing signs, accusations, hurtful comments… It’s just politics.

When did we as citizens and voters become so complacent? Is that one of the reasons so many are staying home and not voting?

I know it’s said over and over again, but seemingly many of us are not hearing it — voting is one of our most important freedoms.

If nasty politics are frustrating the used-to-be-voters, why aren’t we doing something about it? Why don’t we rise up and say, no more? Why don’t we write letters to those who are involved in the nasty attacks and say, “no way will we vote for you”? Better yet, why aren’t we voting for the good guys? Time and time again the nasty ones seem to win. Good guys do seem to finish last in politics.

Of course, it’s easy to write a blog and toss out simplistic solutions.

One candidate attacks, the other responds. If they don’t respond than we think the accusation must be true.

If there are only two candidates to choose from and both are throwing stones, do we all stay home and not elect anyone?

How do we know who threw the first zinger? How do we know that the guy responding to an attack was actually attacked? Maybe it’s a ploy to make the other candidate look bad.

I suppose I’ve taken this around in a circle… But I do know that ignoring the problem, saying “it’s just politics” is not going to make anything better. Until we rise up and demand that our politicians behave, we’re going to see more of the same or worse.

I’m not staying home. I’m going to keep on voting. I’m going to take the time to find out everything I can about the candidates and I’m going to write letters to those who use nasty tactics.

In the scheme of things I don’t have a lot of say as to what goes on in this world. But I can cast my little vote and become part of a bigger block of voters who vote similarly.

I don’t want to hear “it’s just politics.” I want to help change the face of politics.

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