Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tancredo dropping out

Well, the writing has been on the wall for quite some time on this one. I like a lot of what Tancredo has to say. However, he just never caught on. Although I agreed with him, I just couldn't see him as President.

I wonder sometimes (but not often) about the type person who decides to toss their hat into the presidential ring. They have to have an ego, a lot of confidence in their abilities and a strong conviction that what they have to say is similar enough to a majority of people to catapult them into office.

They also must wear bullet proof armour. And have a past that holds up to the ultimate scrutiny (or at least have a believable explanation for every perceived misstep).

Tancredo hesitated when he spoke. It made him sound as though he wasn't sure of himself. One thing people look for in a President is strength.

Ever since the advent of television we have chosen our President and most of our elected officials to some degree at least based on physical attributes. On impressions. On whether they "look like a President".

I'd like to say that I'm immune, but I'm not. Tancredo didn't come across on TV like my idea of a President. Based on what I know of his stands, he'd probably have made a great President.

Well, I'm rambling. All I really needed to say was that Tancredo was going to be dropping out according to sources close to his campaign.

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