Sunday, December 23, 2007

Walking the fence on illegal immigration, border security

I have a hard time understanding how anyone could think that tightening up our border security isn't a good idea. Whether you want a tighter immigration policy, like the way it stands now, want to allow more people to come into the country, want to send everyone home or any combination, it just makes sense to me that we'd want to know WHO was coming into the country.

I don't purport to know all the ins and outs on illegal immigration. I read, I listen, I hear both sides. I don't think it's fair that people can break in line and come across our borders illegally.

It's no different to me than standing in line at a grocery store. When someone cuts in line we get irritated. If you're not a mouse, most will usually say something to the bore who tries to circumvent the line.

None of us like those who ride down the emergency lane to cut in front of us during heavy traffic.

It's the same principal with immigration. Policies are negotiated with other countries. We allow a set number of individuals to come into the country each year. Open the borders and pretty soon we won't be the same country.

A poor analogy that pops into my mind on that one is growth in our county. No supporting infrastructure and pretty soon we're that county we moved away from because traffic was untenable. Keep building without roads, lights, schools, emergency support and we're just another overcrowded, poorly managed dot on the map. Slow it down, do it right and we'll stay the best county in the state.

Immigration is a huge problem, a much larger problem than little old me sitting in front of my computer can begin to solve.

I think a double fence along the Mexican border is a good start. We make it safer for our immigration enforcement. We make it more difficult for drugs to get across the border. We may even stop a terrorist or two from doing some dastardly deed. If you've ever traveled to some of the border towns it's pretty nasty. It's been many, many years since I was down in that neck of the woods, but my friends tell tales that will keep me from ever going back.

I'm posting a YouTube video of Duncan Hunter talking with Glenn Beck on CNN about funding for the fence. What is it with our elected officials, Republican and Democrat, that keeps them from wanting to tighten up security along the border? Why are they walking the fence on this issue?

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