Tuesday, February 05, 2008

2 p.m. tidbits

"Super Tuesday" states allocate more than half the Democratic delegates and almost half of Republican delegates at party conventions in August and September, which formally nominate candidates for November's general election.

Today 2,062 Democratic delegates and 1,048 Republican delegates are at stake.

Georgia has 72 Republican delegates up for grabs.

Here's the list of 24 states holding some sort of primary, election, poll or caucus today:

Alabama: Primary

Alaska: Republican presidential preference poll and Democratic caucuses

Arizona: Primary

Arkansas: Primary

California: Primary

Colorado: Caucuses

Connecticut: Primary

Delaware: Primary

Georgia: Primary

Idaho: Democratic caucuses

Illinois: Primary

Kansas: Democratic caucuses

Massachusetts: Primary

Minnesota: Caucuses

Missouri: Primary

Montana: Republican caucuses

New Jersey: Primary

New Mexico: Democratic primary

New York: Primary

North Dakota: Primary

Oklahoma: Primary

Tennessee: Primary

Utah: Primary

West Virginia: Republican convention

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