Tuesday, February 05, 2008

West Virginia Convention results thus far...

1,133 delegates at the Republican convention will determine which Presidential candidate will get 18 of the states 30 delegates (see below for explanation).

It's winner take all and the Presidential nominee must have a 51%. I gather they'll keep going until someone reaches that magical number...

Thus far: Romney attracted 41 percent of the votes, followed by Huckabee with 33 percent. John McCain made it to the second round with 15 percent. Paul had 10 percent and was eliminated from the next round of balloting.

Romney and Huckabee are at the convention. McCain is in another state.

West Virginia is allotting their 30 delegates a little differently than the norm. Their statewide Republican primary will occur in the spring, but trying to exert more of an influence on the presidential selection process, the Republican Party opted to hold a state convention today.

Here's where it gets a bit difficult to follow... County conventions were held across the state earlier to select the delegates for today's state convention. They are voting today. The winner will get 18 of the state’s 30 delegates at stake today. Nine delegates will be awarded based on the results of the state’s primary in the spring and three others are at-large.

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