Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democratic Convention / McCain Ads

Watched the Democratic Convention last night off and on, listened to it when I wasn't watching. We switched around from Fox to CNN and even tried PBS as someone who commented on my last post suggested.

We mostly watched C-Span.

The reason we liked C-Span? I want to watch my politics unfiltered and make my own mind up about what I see. I don't like having someone talking over the speakers or giving me a running commentary. Unlike all the others, C-Span just films without commentary.

Another reason? None of the commentators, news anchors, talking heads, are objective. In many cases, it's not facts that get doled out, it's opinions with a few facts tossed in to make a dish we'll swallow. We're also being selectively spoon fed what they choose to feed us. Even if you think you're not being influenced by those talking on PBS or Fox or CNN, it does filter in and can subtly or overtly change your opinion.

Even though I am jaundice in my opinions about the anchors and commentators, I do like to listen to them after I've watched. Sometimes they point out things I didn't notice or give background information that can influence my ultimate impression. I know I'm still getting spoon fed info and what they choose to share may is still slanted. They're also entertaining, which is why they're there!

CNN had a blurb on the bottom of their screen saying they would bring the speeches without interruption, complete. They talked all during Pelosi's speech and a few others. When they chose a speech to share with us (rather than sit and gab) maybe they did it uninterrupted and complete. By then I was over on C-Span listening to complete uninterrupted speeches!

Fox News did basically the same thing, they just didn't promise we'd get to listen to the speeches like CNN. I'd never watched PBS before, gave it a shot, flipped it off when they started doing the same thing as the other major stations.

My opinion on last night? A lot of fluff, no substance, carefully scripted to entice the masses. These guys are good.

One really cute moment was when the Obama's daughters kept interrupting to ask Daddy questions. It showed a caring family, kids who are comfortable with their parents and I'm sure it's going to be played repeatedly over the next few days. It also helped Barack as he said he was in the wrong place when first asked... when his daughter asked he was able to correct the error. In this day of parsing every little nuance, that would have ended up as a commercial...

Speaking of commercials, love this new one by McCain! I don't care which side of the fence you're sitting on these guys are both doing some catchy commercials. I think McCain's have a touch of humor and get the points across.

Here's "3 a.m." :

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Anonymous said...

C-Span sounds like the best option, but it still ain't enough to make me bite the bullet and shell out money each month for satellite or cable. I get my garbage for free over the airwaves and I intend to keep it that way!