Monday, August 25, 2008

Keep up with the conventions on YouTube

It's a different way of looking at things... (unless you're a YouTube junkie, then this is old news ;-)

You can watch the Dem & Rep conventions on YouTube. I'm listening to a video as I type this, focuses on setting up the convention... This will be my first time with YouTube convention watching, so not sure what to tell you about it at this point.

Being a political junkie, I'll be watching it on the tube, too. I rather like the idea of YouTube better though as I can work while I listen. On the flip side, I don't work while I watch on TV and I have the added bonus of sharing the experience with my fantastic husband.

I'm gonna go the overload route and do both... will let you know what I think (don't I always) about the YouTube coverage.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know about youtube, but I assure you that I will be following the conventions and I won't be relying on foxnews, cnn, abc, cbs, nbc or any other branch of the corporate media.
Judging by the television schedules, it looks like PBS will have the most complete and best coverage. This will save me from some of the more obnoxious "commentary" and the always obnoxious commercial breaks. Happy convention watching!