Friday, October 31, 2008

Just how many people are going to get an Obama tax cut?

First it was anyone making under $250,000. Then it was $200,000. The last time they let Joe Biden talk without a script it dropped to $150,000. Today according to Bill Richardson, we're down to $120,000. So, if you're making $120,000 or more you are rich. According to Martha Stewart you just need to suck it up and you'll just "have to budget" to pay your tax burden. It's a long way from $120,000 to $120,000 million or whatever amount Martha takes home.

And, let's see, 95% of the population will get a check from the government, courtesy of the "rich".

Business owners across the country are studying Obama's plan and they're planning their employee cuts, benefit cuts and more.

Today my son told me that his bosses sat down and talked about how they manage the company profits. They have it fine tuned to ensure they make a certain profit to avoid falling into a tax bracket that eats into their profits. If they make too much in a given year, they give the excess money back to the workers in the form of a bonus. They said that Obama's plan would have them immediately in a tax bracket that would cost them more than they could pay, thus to stay in business, they will have to raise the cost of goods my son buys to do his job. Effectively, he'd be getting a pay cut. Don't ask me to explain the details, I'm just repeating the general gist of what my son told me.

Guess who the company owners are voting for? It's not Obama! Guess who my son is voting for? It's not Obama. Hopefully there are a lot of people looking at Obama's spread the wealth, tax the rich, socialistic style government and they're going to punch the McCain-Palin button.

Here's Richardson talking about Barack Obama's ever moving tax target:

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