Thursday, October 30, 2008

What a hoot - the Obama campaign is "hidin' Biden"

The Obama campaign is calling it Operation Hiden Biden (or Hidin' Biden I suppose). They are keeping this supposedly experienced Vice Presidential campaign out of the limelight and are not letting him speak until after the election!

The gaffe machine has been shut down for the next few days in hopes that he doesn't say any more truths that will get Obama in more hot water!

If they can't trust him on the campaign trail, if they have to keep him under wraps now, what will they do with him if Obama wins?

More importantly, what will our country do if for some reason he has to step in as President?

Let's Hide the Bide permanently back in the Senate.

Ha, I know what they did with him... they sent him on one of those great adventures to find the restaurant he hangs out in, the one he talked about in his debate with Sarah Palin... you know, the one that has been closed for around 20 years?

Just where are they hidin' Biden? Do they have duck tape over his mouth? Did they send him on a trip? Is he on house arrest? How does he feel about being pulled off the campaign trail?

Every time the man makes a remark that embarrasses Obama I can't help but wonder how he would handle being our Vice President.

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